Episode 061 – Budokan Octagon Attack!

The 10 BABYMETAL Budokan World Premiere stream happened, showing footage of the most recent of the Budokan shows, the most recent show BABYMETAL has performed. We discuss the show and stream (spoilers: both were excellent), and we talk about the announcement of the various editions of the 10 BABYMETAL Budokan shows that were announced afterwards (The One editions, Limited editions, basic editions, etc.). Join us!

Episode 060 – Translating BABYMETAL

In recent months, we’ve been able to read and discuss a number of interviews from Japanese publications, in large part due to a tremendous amount of translation work by funnytoss and Capable-Paramedic from the Discord/reddit community. In this episode, we talk with Steven (funnytoss) about the process of translation, his path to this point, and the challenges and decisions involved in translating Japanese interviews for a Japanese audience to English for a western audience. Join us!

Episode 059 – Records & Ramblings

BABYMETAL surprised us by releasing vinyl editions of pretty much all of the live shows they’ve sold to date, including a special box set that was limited to 100 copies and which—despite the lack of warning and premium price—sold out right away. We talk about these, other news, and then turn to discuss the interview with Kobametal in Hedoban 24 and some related articles as well. Join us!

Episode 057 – Kobametal's Green-Tinted Sixties Mind

After a few thoughts about BABYMETAL’s recent offering of a golden vinyl and NFT bundle, we turn to the main topic of the episode: several recently-translated interviews with Kobametal. We discuss Kobametal’s recollections of last-minute adjustments to show visuals, arguments in favor of uniforms, indifference to whether music on the album can be played by humans, confusing thoughts about ramen, and more. Join us!