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Episode 045 – Reflections on a Decade

BABYMETAL has now concluded their first decade, and so we looked back with our listeners to reflect on the past decade and year, on what BABYMETAL has meant to us, what their highlights were, what our own highlights were, the ways in which they inspired us, our hopes and fears for the future. The listener survey responses were numerous, thoughtful, and moving. Join us as we celebrate and ponder this BABYMETAL milestone.

Episode 044 – 10 ¥ears

BABYMETAL has now been with us for a decade. This led to lots of activity to discuss, including the release of “BxMxC” as a single and music video, a review of the decade led by a trio of music industry journalists, 10 different configurations of a best-of song compilation (with versions that include retrospective interviews with Su-metal and Moametal, a battle card game, photobooks, flags, posters, selections of live performances), a fan-voted song tournament, a trivia contest, and three statistically impossible feats of guesswork. With promises of more things yet to be announced. An expensive (but exciting) cap on an expensive (but exciting) decade. We wade through all of it, join us!

Episode 043.5 – Almost a Decade

This is the last episode we recorded before BABYMETAL reaches “XX Day”, which they announced last year as being the date on which they mark 10 years of BABYMETAL. As of recording, we have no idea what (if anything?) that day will bring. But we close out the decade by talking about various points from the substantial interview that came with the The One set of Legend Metal Galaxy, as well as a few other bits of topical news as well. Join us!

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