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Episode 066 – Memories from Metal Resistance

Now that the Metal Resistance has ended, we look back at highlights for us as fans and for BABYMETAL as a group, with the help of several fans who joined us while recording. What were your favorite moments from the Metal Resistance era, which moments stood out for the group? Join us as we talk about some of them!

Episode 064 – Stairway to Living Legend

The 10 BABYMETAL Budokan sets have arrived, and the seal has been applied. We talk through lots of stuff. Vinyl editions arriving, our experience at Dragon Con, the 10 BABYMETAL Budokan sets now that we have video of all five pairs of shows. The countdown to the seal, the video that saw them ascend the stairway to living legend. Quite a lot to discuss this time, join us

Ten BABYMETAL Years – Live at Dragon Con feat. AJ Hartley

At the beginning of September, we joined novelist A.J. Hartley at Dragon Con in Atlanta to do a panel called “10 Years of BABYMETAL.” Beth Giles, organizer of the “Silk Road track” that this panel was part of, joined us as moderator. This is that panel. Join us!A.J. Hartley’s YouTube channel: sure to follow us on twitter,, and join the discussion on discord, and listen on iTunes: and listen on Spotify: and listen on Pandora: