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Episode 51 – BABYMETAL 201 with Prof. A.J. Hartley

In this episode we talk with novelist, Shakespeare scholar, and (more recently) creator of in-depth YouTube commentaries on the lyrics of BABYMETAL, A.J. Hartley. Our conversation touches on his experiences in Japan, his motivations for creating the videos, his thoughts on BABYMETAL’s development and future directions, and much, much more. This episode also marks Callie’s last as a regular… but we expect not the last episode she’ll be on! Join us!

Episode 050 – DOOMSDAY: 20% Complete

BABYMETAL has performed the first two shows (of ten!) at Nippon Budokan. We discuss, from afar, what happened at those two shows. We also discuss our prophet card predictions for the track listings on the SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, and KOBAMETAL editions of the 10BMY album. Will any of us win one? Maybe. Well, no, no we won’t. But still, maybe. Join us!

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2 May 2021
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