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Episode 068 – In "Other" News

Fox Day 2022 has arrived. This brought the end of The One, and the introduction of The Other One. No, we’re not kidding. It is a digital gallery opening near the end of April, and nobody out here knows for sure what it is. But that doesn’t stop us from discussing it. Oh no. So, join as we break down the announcements and make many probably-wrong guesses about what is coming next.

Episode 067 – Art of the Tutu

We start off ’22 with an exploration of the subtleties of the costumes of BABYMETAL. What stories do they tell? How did they evolve? What does costume construction entail in general? It’s complex and interesting, perhaps more than you might have guessed. Maggie, experienced cosplayer, takes the reins and guides us through this fascinating terrain. Join us!

Episode 066 – Memories from Metal Resistance

Now that the Metal Resistance has ended, we look back at highlights for us as fans and for BABYMETAL as a group, with the help of several fans who joined us while recording. What were your favorite moments from the Metal Resistance era, which moments stood out for the group? Join us as we talk about some of them!