The official, unofficial, and only podcast recorded with a live (virtual) audience dedicated to all things BABYMETAL. Join us for our mostly, bi-weekly discussions in front of a live audience where we discuss and break down everything from band news, to Japan, to whats going on in the community and more.

Our goal is to replicate the sense of community and friendship found while waiting out front of a concert venue somewhere in the world. We’ve covered breaking news and topics such as the origin of Song 4 to an interview with a professional concert photographer working directly with the band, and everything in between. We try and learn something new with every episode and hope you will join us on our journey!

Be sure to follow us on twitter,, for the latest podcast and BABYMETAL news and join the discussion on discord, where you can listen and participate in live recordings of every episode!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with BABYMETAL or Amuse, INC.

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