BABYMETAL has now been with us for a decade. This led to lots of activity to discuss, including the release of “BxMxC” as a single and music video, a review of the decade led by a trio of music industry journalists, 10 different configurations of a best-of song compilation (with versions that include retrospective interviews with Su-metal and Moametal, a battle card game, photobooks, flags, posters, selections of live performances), a fan-voted song tournament, a trivia contest, and three statistically impossible feats of guesswork. With promises of more things yet to be announced. An expensive (but exciting) cap on an expensive (but exciting) decade.

We wade through all of it, join us!We postponed our discussion of our shared community reflections until episode 45, so there may still be time to submit yours! Please share with us your reflections and comments on BABYMETAL’s journey to this point (and our journeys with them) by visiting:

Rockin On Japan Nov 2019 interview translation

10 BABYMETAL Years Site

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