BABYMETAL kicked off 2013 by releasing their first single on a major label: Ijime, Dame, Zettai. Join us as we talk about the song, the creative team, the release, the versions, the performances, the translations, the video, the bonus materials, and more. There is so much to discuss, and we had a great time researching and talking through it all. Join us!

Metal Galaxy Band Score:


DZ on Wikipedia:,_Dame,_Zettai

IDZ versions:

IDZ performances:…ime,+Dame,+Zettai

“My First Heavy Metal in Tokyo 2012”:

IDZ trailer.

Du-metal’s translation:…me-zettai.html

Duane-metal’s translation (Part 1 of 5):

Oya History Museum (MV location).

Ohmura teaches how to play IDZ (Part 1 of 5):

Jiro Sakagami:ō_Sakagami

Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokorozuyosato, theme for Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994).…e_Animated_Movie

Itoshisato Setsunasato Kokorozuyosato on YouTube:

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