Episode 044 – 10 ¥ears

BABYMETAL has now been with us for a decade. This led to lots of activity to discuss, including the release of “BxMxC” as a single and music video, a review of the decade led by a trio of music industry journalists, 10 different configurations of a best-of song compilation (with versions that include retrospective interviews with Su-metal and Moametal, a battle card game, photobooks, flags, posters, selections of live performances), a fan-voted song tournament, a trivia contest, and three statistically impossible feats of guesswork. With promises of more things yet to be announced. An expensive (but exciting) cap on an expensive (but exciting) decade. We wade through all of it, join us!

Episode 043.5 – Almost a Decade

This is the last episode we recorded before BABYMETAL reaches “XX Day”, which they announced last year as being the date on which they mark 10 years of BABYMETAL. As of recording, we have no idea what (if anything?) that day will bring. But we close out the decade by talking about various points from the substantial interview that came with the The One set of Legend Metal Galaxy, as well as a few other bits of topical news as well. Join us!

Episode 041 – Always On Your Side

Music can heal, music can effect social change, music can save a life. In this week’s episode we talk to Toby, a BABYMETAL fan who we felt deserved to have his story told after sharing just a small part of it with our community on Discord. From being successful in tech, to being homeless, his story and journey towards BABYMETAL is truly an inspiration and a great example of the power of music, community, and The One. Join us!

Episode 040 – Hedobangyaa!!

On Moametal’s birthday in 2012, BABYMETAL released Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! (ヘドバギャー!!, Hedobangyaa!!), a song about fully experiencing the fleeting moments of a 15th-birthday metal concert, which has become an enduring favorite. In this episode, we talk about the song, the special performances, the video, the enhanced CD, and special edition box. and more. Join us!

Episode 039 – Legend Corset Festival

In a recent interview with Kobametal, we learned that BABYMETAL plans to team up with the Rock-may-kan club in Tokyo for a project to support the venue, themed around “10 days” and “STAY METAL”, a reference to BABYMETAL’s upcoming 10-year anniversary. Rock-may-kan (Rokumeikan) is the venue where BABYMETAL’s first public solo show was held, Legend Corset Festival, in July 2012. So in this episode we talk about this news, this venue, and then spend some time talking about Legend Corset Festival itself. Join us!

Episode 038 – Covering the Covers

Particularly earlier on, BABYMETAL sometimes performed cover songs from other groups in their shows, or shared the stage with other performers. In this episode, we talk through these songs and appearances, including their birthday solo covers, performing Judas Priest songs with Rob Halford, a collaborative release with Kiba of Akiba, and more. Join us!

Episode 037 – Megitsune: Quintessential BABYMETAL

In this episode, we dig into the song that BABYMETAL has played more than any other: Megitsune. We talk about the music video, the shrine it was filmed at, the release events and interviews, the many editions, the lyrics, the music, the performances. This is a song you underestimate at your peril. It is quintessential BABYMETAL. Join us!

Episode 036 – As Seen On TV

Back in 2013 and 2014, BABYMETAL were on some television variety shows, and in this episode we review those appearances. If you have wondered why people joke about Su-metal and frogs, or seen clips of BABYMETAL playing games with television hosts, this is where these come from. We cover a short series from Taiwan’s Sakura Gaku, and appearances on NTV Music Dragon and NHK G Music Japan Annex. If they’re new to you, you’re in for a treat. And if they’re not, come relive them with us!