Episode 036 – As Seen On TV

Back in 2013 and 2014, BABYMETAL were on some television variety shows, and in this episode we review those appearances. If you have wondered why people joke about Su-metal and frogs, or seen clips of BABYMETAL playing games with television hosts, this is where these come from. We cover a short series from Taiwan’s Sakura Gaku, and appearances on NTV Music Dragon and NHK G Music Japan Annex. If they’re new to you, you’re in for a treat. And if they’re not, come relive them with us!

Episode 035 – Wembley Re-Live (feat. Callie)

Exactly a month after the previous ONLINE LIVE stream, BABYMETAL streamed Live at Wembley 2016 (or O2 Academy Brixton 2014, for those in the UK) on YouTube, complete with merch! We discuss this and many other topics, joined by UK fan Callie. We talk with Callie about being at the Wembley show, her popular YouTube channel, her unboxing of an advance copy of the Graphic Novel, and a wide range of other topics from choreography, to costumes, with plenty of speculation about the future thrown in for good measure. Join us!

Episode 034 – BABYMETAL News

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Facu, the force behind the unofficial BABYMETAL News site. He is the creator of many helpful collections of data and instructions to help new fans become members of The One, buy tickets to shows in Japan, keep up with appearances in print and in interviews and much more. We talk with him about several of the many of the projects he’s been involved with to help the international community of fans. Join us!

Episode 031 – Beyond the Barrier: Photographing BABYMETAL

What’s it like being a photographer at a BABYMETAL concert? Darren Yamashita talks with us about the three shows he has shot at (2014 in Hollywood, and 2019 in San Francisco and Los Angeles), and even premieres his full set of BABYMETAL-approved photos (which can be viewed on the YouTube edition of this episode). The conversation was super fun and super informative. Join us!

Episode 029 – Ijime, Dame, Zettai

BABYMETAL kicked off 2013 by releasing their first single on a major label: Ijime, Dame, Zettai. Join us as we talk about the song, the creative team, the release, the versions, the performances, the translations, the video, the bonus materials, and more. There is so much to discuss, and we had a great time researching and talking through it all. Join us!

Episode 028 – Legend Metal Galaxy

BABYMETAL performed a two-night epic show, LEGEND METAL GALAXY, and so, as is fitting, we recorded a two-hour epic episode about it. Kevin was on the scene to bring us the scoop. Several songs were debuted, two songs played with an 8-member Kami band and all avengers on stage, and it ended with a surprise that no sane person would have predicted. Come marvel with us!

Episode 027 – BxMxP (lol)

Happy 2020! This episode, we talk in depth about newly-available translations of interviews with BABYMETAL in NYLON (Feb. 2020) and PMC (vol. 15, Sep. 2019). SU-METAL and MOAMETAL reflect on how they adapted and developed while maintaining the essence of BABYMETAL as they moved forward over the past year to new formations, new music, and a heavy touring schedule. And they make jokes. Join us as we move into 2020!