Episode 029 – Ijime, Dame, Zettai

BABYMETAL kicked off 2013 by releasing their first single on a major label: Ijime, Dame, Zettai. Join us as we talk about the song, the creative team, the release, the versions, the performances, the translations, the video, the bonus materials, and more. There is so much to discuss, and we had a great time researching and talking through it all. Join us!

Episode 028 – Legend Metal Galaxy

BABYMETAL performed a two-night epic show, LEGEND METAL GALAXY, and so, as is fitting, we recorded a two-hour epic episode about it. Kevin was on the scene to bring us the scoop. Several songs were debuted, two songs played with an 8-member Kami band and all avengers on stage, and it ended with a surprise that no sane person would have predicted. Come marvel with us!

Episode 027 – BxMxP (lol)

Happy 2020! This episode, we talk in depth about newly-available translations of interviews with BABYMETAL in NYLON (Feb. 2020) and PMC (vol. 15, Sep. 2019). SU-METAL and MOAMETAL reflect on how they adapted and developed while maintaining the essence of BABYMETAL as they moved forward over the past year to new formations, new music, and a heavy touring schedule. And they make jokes. Join us as we move into 2020!

Episode 026 – #KitsuneMoments

We close out 2019 by reviewing the most memorable #KitsuneMoments contributed by our listeners. What a year it has been. We also briefly discuss an interview with Mikiko, BABYMETAL’s choreographer, the release of the MV for DA DA DANCE (feat. Tak Matsumoto), and the continuing barrage of show announcements, magazine issues, television appearances. This was indeed a year of BIG THINGS. Thanks for taking the ride with us, and now onward to 2020!

Episode 025 – Bring Me The Headlines

BABYMETAL returned to Japan to play in Tokyo and Osaka, then took some photos in a parking garage. The One editions of the summer shows went on sale, two new ESPxBABYMETAL guitars were unveiled, and new BABYMETAL apparel was announced. All the while, further festivals and headline shows continue to be added to their schedule. We talk about all of that, and more. Join us!

Episode 020 – Countdown

(This episode was recorded about a week before METAL GALAXY was released, but we were all traveling and busy and so this took a long time for us to release to the podcast feed. Still, listen along to relive those days before we knew what would happen at The Forum, or what the album would actually be like.) The US tour continues on, we hear about this year’s version of the Kansas City show. BABYMETAL are counting down to the METAL GALAXY release with short album spoilers, and showing up in many more magazines, and they announced a new Legend show in January 2020. Join us!